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2nd Annual SPG Invitational #allthatbeauty

Please join me for the 2nd Annual Sac Potters Group Members Invitational. On view from July 26th to September 8th at Alpha Fired Arts Gallery 4675 Aldona Ln, Sacramento, CA. Our reception is being held August 11th from 2-4pm.

#38.8721795, -120.2017730

When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.” John Muir

I've enjoyed moving in a different direction this summer. Elements of this work reflect the time I've spent hiking in the Sierra Nevadas. It is great to be a Californian. As I move over the granite the phrases, often a meditative phrase from the scrolls I've encountered during my tea studies, pop up. Granite boulders, giant white pine, a cloud of damsel flies hovering over the lake surface. No-one but a madman having experienced this wild beauty could be anything other than humbled. #allthatbeauty is my response to the world of arrogance, the vacuous chorus of 'so much winning' we've been subjected to. #resist #persist

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