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Sac Open Studio 2020

I screen you screen we all...before this is over end up running around and screaming like crazy folks and eating huge bowls of ice cream to combat the over saturation of screen time. Which I'm totally down with if it is out of a handmade bowl! (Shameless plug to buy a bowl here.) But until then I'm going to try and make the best of it and invite you to a virtual weekend of online events! This year Sac Open Studios is being held virtually with artist interviews (register to watch mine here Friday September 18th from 5:00-5:15) and streaming live from our studios Saturday the 19th and Sunday the 20th via FB*:

If you have a FB account

If you don't have a FB account

These are shortish (20 mins or so) tours/talks/presentations from within my studio about:

1:15 The 'hows' I make my work -materials, equipment, studio flow, and (most likely) ending

with a demo

2:15 The 'whys' I make my work the way I do - how I draw from a variety of inspirations and

sources and balance the aspects of form and function

3:15 The 'results' I'll give a tour of the work itself -this will be a deep dive into my shelves to

introduced and discuss the variety of pieces

*I will readily admit that this will be my first time using/participating in streaming vis FB and it is not in my wheelhouse- so please forgive me for any technical difficulties.

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