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Final shows of 2019

December 7th x 2 ! Once again my final two shows have landed on the same date! After another round of bah humbug and some pouting I have once again called in reinforcements-that being in the form of my son, Ari, who is the perfect person to man my booth at this year's Makers Mart in the Crate building! So while I am at the Sierra 2 Holiday Gifts & Goods show he will be at Makers Mart. Two great opportunities to purchase my work in two very different settings:

Holiday Gifts & Goods is tucked into the intimate setting of the Sierra 2 Center nestled in the Curtis Park neighborhood. I'll be showing in my same space amongst a highly curated group of fellow artists. Free parking & free entry.

Makers Mart will be held in the Crate Building this year. My booth (manned by my awesome son Ari) will be amongst oodles of this region's fellow makers. If you have a need for a wide range of gifts this is the scene for you! Free but limited parking around the area.

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