​​​Dania Lukey


    Who does one invite into their home, or to their dinner table, or to their bed? We think a lot about which people share the most intimate spaces of our lives, but how many of us think that way about the objects we allowed in? What ‘functions’ and dis-functions do the objects that surround us serve? I believe that the objects which share our lives tell the stories of our lives, and this is reflected in the ceramic and woven pieces I create.  As a craftsman my goal is to create objects that served useful purposes in life- and through the resulting objects to provide a touchstone to explore and share a story with others. 

     Each of my objects’ existence, rely on what most people interpret as the interplay of opposites: inside and outside space (the bowl), bound or free (cloth), silence or sound (poems). But begin again from this thought: that by nature, my objects “are” in a sense because they exist in the state of neither. Neither inside nor outside has manifested as bowl, and between bound and free is cloth. As we balance our mammal selves and our mind selves, we can arrive in a place that celebrates both, and sacrifices neither.

  Many of the experiences I draw from begin in nature. I realized long ago that though I inhabit my world, my world also inhabits me.  The exploration of this comes through the design and creation of my objects, each carrying an experience I've had and want to share.  In a very concrete way I have re-formed materials borrowed from the very environments where I have had the aesthetic experiences.  My objects and I are simply reorganized –for one moment in time, in the life of the rocks, the trees, and the animals. There is no escaping that I am what they have been and will be again.

   Dania Lukey is a full time studio potter in the Sacramento area.  After receiving her architecture degree from Cal Poly at San Luis Obisbo and studying in Italy, Dania discovered her love for clay while pursuing her Masters in Education at Sacramento State University.  There, her interests in architecture, Japanese poetry, contemporary art, and ancient textiles found a natural expression in form and function.  She currently works from her home studio in Carmichael where she lives with her husband, dog Lucy, assorted cats, and their four chickens.

Dania Lukey, Handmade © 2018

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